The Pool will be opening Memorial Day Weekend!

Pool Season:  Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend

Hours of Operation:
Daily:  Noon to 9:00 p.m. 
Closed on:  TBD

Pool Manager:  Cindy Nabors

Rules and Regulations: (Click here)


Entry is permitted with a current pool pin or guess pass only. All assessments for the year must be paid in full.  Please contact Treasurer Raymond Hudy, to make payment arrangements.

1)  Pool Pins are issued to all Old Mill Village residents per their request.  There is a one time fee of $5.00 per pin. The pin must be re-tagged each year to validate it for the new season.  Old Mill Village residents must display their pin at all times while in the pool area.  Attaching it to a swimsuit is best.  Failure to bring your validated pool pin may result in being turned away at the gate. New or replacement pins cost $5.00 each.

2)  Sign-In at the gate each time you use the pool.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

3)  Guest Passes are available to all Old Mill Village residents.  They can be used by non-resident guests only and must be signed by an adult homeowner (no minors permitted) to be valid. Guests must be accompanied by an Old Mill Village resident at all times.  Guest passes can not be used by residents who have not paid their assessments. (Click here for Old Mill Village Pool Guest Pass)

Clubhouse Rental:  
The pool may not be used in conjunction with the rental of the Clubhouse and that this applies to everyone, including residents.  Clubhouse renters or their guests may not use the pool during their event.

Lifeguards:  If you are Interested in becoming a lifeguard, please contact Cindy Nabors, Pool Manager, before Spring 2017.

Swimming Lessons:  If you are interested in swimming lessons, Please contact Alison Vozar (440) 554-1123 for arrangements. Click here to find out more info
The Tennis Courts will be open Memorial Day weekend

Tennis Court Season:  Spring to Fall

Hours of Operation: 
Daily:  Dawn until Dusk 

Contact:  Please contact a board member with any questions or concerns.


All assessments for the year must be paid in full.  Please contact Raymond Hudy, Treasurer, to make payment arrangements.