Contact Information

Old Mill Village Homeowner’s Association
1232 Old Eagle Drive
PO Box 171
Brunswick, Ohio 44212
Clubhouse Rental:  Tammy Schebek

Pool Information:  Cindy Nabors

Garage Sales:  Merle Erbs

Violations:  Andrea Schroer Please note -  All violations must be submitted in writing.  

Property Issues:  Andrea Schroer 

Swimming Lessons:  Alison Vozar

Assessments:  Raymond Hudy

Board of Directors

The Old Mill Village Board of Directors is made up of residents of the community who volunteer their time and efforts for the benefit of our community. They are elected at our annual meeting to three year terms, and serve at the pleasure of their fellow residents. If you're interested in being on the board, please contact a board member for details.
Additional Contact Information:
Title - Expiring Term

President (2018)

Vice President (2018)

Treasurer (2018)

Secretary/Webmaster (2019)

Community Property Manager (2018)

Pool Manager (2018)

Clubhouse Manager (2018)

Board Member (2019)

Board Member (2018)

Board Member (2020)

Board Member (2020)

Jim Nabors

Jan Santoli

Raymond Hudy

Justin Starcher

Andrea Schroer

Cindy Nabors

Tammy Schebek

Merle Erbs

Alison Yovanno

Wendy Kammer

Angela Edwards

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