Neighborhood block watches have long been a traditional method to combat crime and nuisances in neighborhoods.  In a growing community like Brunswick, there is an additional advantage  ~  people living next to each other are given an opportunity to meet and learn more about their community.  There is no better way to develop a sense of security than to know that your neighbors are looking after your interests.  
Nick Solar, Assistant Safety Director for the City of Brunswick, conducts the Block Watch meetings which are held at the OMV Clubhouse on the first Monday of every other month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec).  Guest speakers from the City of Brunswick occasionally attend the meetings and provide informative talks and city updates.  Through collaborative efforts in our community, we can keep current with any incidents in the area and stay alert to our surroundings.  
Please contact Cathy Patrick at (330) 273-5159 if you have questions regarding the Block Watch program.

Reminders for our community safety: 

o   Keep your vehicles and home secured.  Be aware of increased thefts in the spring and summer. 

o   No vehicles should be parked on our city streets between the hours of 2:00am and 5:00am daily. 

o   Drive safely and stay within the speed limits.

o   Skateboarding is not permitted on city roadways. 

o   Attend your block watch meetings. 

o  All Door to door sales need Brunswick City Manager Approval. Click here for a current list of approved Solicitors in our village

Block Watch